At ARGO GROUP PROPERTIES we believe that what we offer is the best training and support and the guarantee that you will make more money on every transaction.

Our plan is simple. No commission splits or franchise fees. You pay $30 monthly office dues and a $350 transaction fee when you close a deal.

Our program is the only real estate training school dedicated to new licensees only. The training consists of 7 half day sessions during your first month covering how to find buyers and sellers, mastering all the contracts and disclosures, negotiating and a multitude of tips accumulated from my 43 years of experience. I also will be your mentor.

Technology has rendered the traditional broker redundant. There is nothing the broker can do for you that you can't do for yourself using today's technology.

Statistics collected from MLS show that our new agents significantly outperform those from other brokerages, especially in the first 6 months.

If you want to learn more about the ARGO Group Properties, LLC training program or are ready to start selling then give me a call (813) 324-1484 or please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.

Joe Benson (813) 324-1484 





After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a Business Administration/Marketing degree and a special certification in Sports Marketing Management  I did what most people do. I printed 100 resumes and filled out 1,000 online applications. I was fortunate enough to not only find a job right away, but in what is a rare occurrence I found a job I loved. I spent the first three years post graduation selling entertainment to 70,000 or so people any given Sunday.

I joke that I never achieved my goal of star third baseman for Atlanta, but I did make it in pro football. It is truly a blessing to have been a part of something so great. Unfortunately, working in pro sports requires that you are willing to relocate on the dime to advance your career and requires 100 plus hour work weeks 8 months of the year. Therefore, my love for spending time with family along with my desire to remain in Tampa Bay drove me to make a decision to change careers. That's what motivated me to shed the confines of the corporate world and join Argo Properties as a sales associate.

Argo's independent contractors are not required to pay huge franchise fees that are intended to market big brands and funnel money out of your pocket and into a brokerage. This gives us as agents the ability to focus on marketing ourselves and our clients homes and rely on excellent service and knowledge to win us word of mouth ads. After joining Argo, I used my marketing expertise to quickly become a top producer. I was able to match my salary from my marketing career in my first year and more than doubled it the year after with significant increases in years since.

Therefore, when our long time trainer Jim retired after decades in the real estate business, I approached Carlos about the opportunity to replicate my easy to follow system and marketing expertise. Our new training program comes after combining decades of experience from the previous training program with modern technology and marketing techniques including social media.

At Argo, our goal is to focus on you, the agent, world class service for our clients  and providing all the tools necessary to make each agent a success. My goal is to provide a foundation even better than I was provided since the day I joined Argo. I have been with Argo since the day I received my license and I plan on being here for many years to come, because Argo provided me with everything I needed and didn't ask me to mortgage my career to get the support.

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